TrustDR was a JISC funded project that examined the legal issues involved in managing and sharing digital collections of learning resources. The Outputs section of this site contains useful and practical guidance for individuals and managers involved in this activity.



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TrustDR People

Project Manager: John Casey

Jackie Proven: R&D Assistant

David Dripps: R&D Assistant


The TrustDR (Trust in Digital Repositories) project 2005- 2007 examined how to effectively manage the legal aspects of digital collections of learning resources. It did this by critically examining the cultural, educational and technical factors involved and produced practical solutions and analyses that are still relevant.

The main output is an 'Institutional Development Pack', which you can find on the Outputs page of this site in the form of a downloadable Word or PDF document supported by readings and discussions. It is intended to guide individuals and managers through the maze of conflicting ideas in this area by focussing on very practical questions. You will find the Pack a readable, user-friendly and provocative guide to the subject with a wide range of supporting materials and studies.The results of our work are, we think, insightful, sharp, inventive and above all useful.

Internal project links to resources (Word, PDF and HTML pages) are still working - external llinks are decaying

The project was influential in legal issues relating to digital learning resources and how to manage them. Many of the themes developed in TrustDR were developed into useful tools by the JISC funded Web2Rights project and the more recent JISC funded Open Educational Resources IPR Support project.

The project was a collaboration led by the University of Ulster in partnership with the University of the Highlands and Islands.


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